<>Apis IV Quadrupel
HopsNorthern Brewer, German Tettnang
MaltsBelgian Pale, Premium Pilsner, Special B, Caramunich, Munich
AvailabilityNow! Fall 2013: 750 ml bottles and Draught

Apis IV

Apis, the genus of the honeybee, is in homage to the hardworking honeybees of Colorado that provided the caramelized honey we use in making this fantastic beer. IV is a nod to the four people who came together to turn Elevation from a dream into a reality as well as to the beer style this Belgian Dark Strong Ale loosely adheres to. This beer is designed to be the perfect way to enjoy a cool Colorado summer night with friends, dreaming up your next great idea on a porch or next to a campfire much like we did. Drink big, dream big.

Food Pairing

Smoked Meats, Game, and Creamy Cheeses

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